Mission Statement: 

To provide safe and free activities for the kids of Virginia through sports, art and volunteer work.

Founder/ Head Coach/Club Director

Coach Gary Forney Jr.

Head Coach and Club Director - Given his military background Gary knows order and discipline, and the kids respond to his positive approach. As Club Director, Gary keeps coaches engaged, and makes sure your child has a great time while learning the game.

Mayors Youth Organization is a tax-exempt non-profit organization under IRS section 501 (c) (3). The organization was founded in Chesapeake, VA by a disabled United States Navy Veteran of 14 years of active duty service Gary Forney Jr. We provide local volunteers the opportunity to interact with local boys and girls as well as local at-risk and/or underprivileged boys and girls.  We develop leaders, promote mental and physical health through community service, sports, arts, and clubs.

Our team of local volunteers are background checked to assure the safety of our participants. All participants have signed forms from a parent or guardian. We are fully insured.

Here at Mayors Youth Organization, we are very passionate about our community. Our goal is to be in as many neighborhoods throughout Hampton Roads, bringing awareness to the topics listed above and giving the youth in the communities something to look forward to participating in year-round. We feel we all have a role to play in our communities, bringing awareness to important topics and providing activities to the youth, keeping them informed and occupied with something positive is beneficial to their development as productive members of society. We do not own any facilities. We rent space in local public and private schools as well as community centers and churches. We offer at least 5-hours of free activities weekly, in various locations around the 757 for all families. DONATIONS ARE NEEDED AND APPRECIATED.

Feel free to join our family at any time. We are all-inclusive, all school-age kids are welcome to participate.